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Conquer CyberOverload: Get More Done,
Boost Your Creativity, and Reduce Stress

“I read it, I tried it, it works”


  • Do you find yourself getting less done, now that you have constant access to limitless information?
  • When you’re in the middle of a conversation or a meeting, is it difficult for you not to take that cell-phone call or check your Blackberry?
  • When you’re trying to get something done, is it hard for you to stop going on-line to see the latest in what’s happening in the world?
  • Do entertainment and news programs leave you feeling agitated and stressed out rather than informed and entertained?
  • Are you so busy and so attached to technology that you don’t even have time to think?

In short, are your communication habits making you feel more connected and in control – or are they controlling YOU and stressing you out?

This book gives you step-by-step guidance to

  • stay connected without being a slave to your gadgets
  • creatively use an infinite array of information without being overwhelmed
  • get more done but have more time to relax, and
  • reduce the stress that the digital world contributes to your too-busy lifestyle.


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“The book is fantastic! It’s just what the doctor ordered for me right now! I love the way you’ve written everything in a simple, straightforward way that I can easily grasp. Your neuroscience knowledge is impeccable and tremendously helpful in driving home your points.”
—Barbara Oakley, Ph.D., Professor, Bio-engineering expert, and author of Evil Genes

“I read your book on the plane. It’s a JEWEL. I learned a lot, wrote down changes I will make in my daily habits. … It’s an easy, intelligent, well-researched, sensible book that is smart.”
—Susan RoAne, bestselling author of How to Work a Room and Face to Face: How to Reclaim the Personal Touch in a Digital World

“Thank you for the work you are doing to educate people about how to have healthy and effective relationships with the technology and media in their lives. You provide an objective and practical view that does not involve name calling, blaming or shirking of responsibility, but instead provides concrete tools and a healthy perspective I think people are going to find themselves needing more and more.”
—Heather Remer, Technology Company Owner and Psychotherapist

“A great book”
—Thomas Roberts, host, MSNBC-TV

“If your cyber-addiction has turned into cyberoverload, you will benefit from reading this book. If you are younger than 30 — you need this book. It is my hope that teachers, administrators, parents, and older students will buy this book; read it; and then pass it along to someone younger than they.” Full Review
—Steven King, MBA, MEd

“Joanne has addressed one of the almost incurable diseases of our time: addiction to technology . . . [She] explains how the mind works and explains that multi tasking is maybe not as good as we think it to be . . . She gives us useful guidelines to do so to help create a more balanced individual and family. We need to educate both children and adults on this subject. In fact this should be a subject that should be included in the curriculums at school. I highly recommend this book.”
—Reuel Leach, Ramon Thomas Blog

“This book is an outgrowth of Cantor’s workshops and seminars as well as her keen desire to know more about how the brain works. For those of you that serve in a Human Relations capacity for your company, or if you are a manager of a larger department, this book may prove useful as a handout to new employees, or you could offer this as a guide for team members who need to collaborate better on a project or with each other.”
—Peter Kusterer,

“This little book has a lot of great ideas and techniques for getting control of your tech addiction. … Futurelawyer recommended”
—Richard Georges,

“If you’ve never seen any advice like this before, then run out a grab this book, because you need it. Most of that advice wasn’t news to me, but the early parts of the book that explain the brain studies that prove that multitasking is just plain ineffective were a revelation to me. If you don’t believe that structuring your time better will make you more relaxed and more effective, that is worth the price of this book alone.”
—Mike Moran, Biznology Blog

Conquer Cyber Overload may be the most important book you read this year . . . Conquer Cyber Overload is actually a book for everyone.  Bloggers will definitely benefit, as will parents, individuals who work in an office, the list is really endless.  It won’t be easy to make these changes, at first, but the end result is definitely worthwhile.  Do yourself a favor.  Take a break, and read this book.  Your life will change because of it.
—Simply Stacie Blog

“Conquer CyberOverload has fascinating information and concrete examples why your brain can’t really multitask. I strongly suggest you get her book and find out how to reduce your stress and increase your productivity by managing your connection to the cyber-world.”
—Eliz Greene, award-winning blogger and author of The Busy Woman’s Guide

“Great tactical advice for businesses large and small that are coping with the distractions of the digital age.”
—Seth W. Hall, Vice President, Customer Service, Philadelphia Insurance Companies.

“It’s great. I read it. I tried it. It works!”
—Jeff Kortes, Owner, Human Asset Management LLC

“Lots of great hints that help me manage the stress of my overflowing inbox.”
—Joan Gillman, Director of Special Industry Programs,
University of Wisconsin School of Business.

“A fascinating way to show hyper-distracted people that you can do more if you do less.”
—Julie Fagan, M.D., Clinical Services Chief, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics.

“A choice read for those who don’t want to spend their day looking at a glowing screen.”
—Midwest Book Review.

“This easy-to-read book is full of convincing ways to deal with cyberoverload with sound life-balance principles.”
—Ellen Hankes, professional organizer.

“Excellent advice for living and de-stressing in the digital age.”
—Charlene Rubush, author of Win Over PTSD


Purchase the Conquer CyberOverload book.
$12.95 per book;
$3.00 S&H for any number of books!

Or read the book on your electronic device.
Conquer CyberOverload is available in electronic form at Do you have a Sony reader? An iPad or Iphone? Or want to read the book on your smart phone or computer? Many versions of the book are now available to be instantly downloaded at

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