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Dr. Cantor’s  presentations to corporations and associations assist professionals, supervisors, and other creative people in making the most of their time and their talents. They help people manage their use of technology in order to enhance their creativity and productivity.The techniques she promotes also help reduce stress and employee burnout. She works closely with clients to ensure that her keynotes and workshops are tailored to their specific needs.

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Here are her most popular presentations, which she can tailor to the specific needs of your organization:

So You Think You Can Multitask: Making the Most of Your Time and Your Talents in the Internet Age

It’s been estimated that businesses lose one-fourth of their employees’ productive time because of unnecessary interruptions facilitated by technology. Some of this is due to “cyberloafing”—employees using their computers for recreation when they’re supposed to be working. But even highly motivated employees can find it hard to resist the allure of what’s going on in cyberspace when they’re trying to be productive. . . READ MORE >>

~~ "I think this course should be a mandatory part of our yearly training!!!" ~~

This is Your Mind on Media: Staying Sane in a Crazy Culture

Are your communication habits (from television to Twitter) making you feel more connected and in control—or are they controlling you and stressing you out? Learn how the mind works: How recent research in neurophysiology suggests that the media’s impact is more intense and disruptive than you think. Learn how to use this knowledge to reduce stress by managing the media in your life . . . READ MORE >>

~~ “I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat” ~~

Facebook vs. Face Time: Relationships and Mental Health in the Internet Age

Our new communication devices can keep us apart as often as they bring us together. Learn about the latest trends in social networking and how our brains react to different modes of communication. Come away with strategies for deciding how and when to rely on face-to-face vs. electronic connectedness to achieve better mental health and more satisfying interpersonal relationships . . . READ MORE >>

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