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You wouldn’t expect students to like to listen to someone telling them
to moderate their connections to their digital devices, but they do!

Dr. Cantor gives highly popular presentations to students—especially first-year and transfer students—to help them succeed in their classes while reducing their stress.

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And she gives professional development seminars to people who help students succeed—administrators, counselors, and educators—to help them help students make the most of their college experience, both academically and personally.

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Her presentations include:

For Students:

Thriving on Campus and in Cyberspace: Staying Connected While Succeeding in School

HOW IS YOUR BRAIN LIKE A JAR OF JELLY BELLIES? And how can you use this information to do better in your classes and have more free time to have fun? Engage in some “mind exercises” and learn how your brain reacts when you’re studying, writing papers, surfing the Internet, multitasking, and interacting with friends. Then learn some easy, fun things to do to promote your academic success . . . READ MORE >>

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For Educators and Counselors:


Digital distractions both during classes and while students should be studying are a huge problem among today’s undergraduates. Some colleges and some instructors have attempted to forbid computers during lectures, but these attempts are not always successful and only address the time students are in class. The best way to get people to overcome digital distractions is to teach them how the brain works, which motivates them to change their behaviors because they feel it’s in their own best interest, rather than because someone else tells them to . . . READ MORE >>

~~ “I’m excited to use these ideas when talking with students” ~~