Teddy’s TV Troubles

Teddy’s TV Troubles

“This is a classic!”

Teddy Bear is lucky! Although he’s been frightened by something he saw on TV, his mother knows just what to do. Together they soothe his fears through a series of calming, fun-filled activities. Teddy’s TV Troubles is a story book, an activity book, and a going-to-bed book all rolled into one. Joanne Cantor, Ph. D., the leading national expert on the media and children’s fears, brings the wisdom of her research and her highly acclaimed parenting book, “Mommy, I’m Scared!” to the level that any preschooler can understand and use. — In this time of 24-hour news and increasingly edgy entertainment, every home that has both a television and a child needs this book! Especially for children aged 2 to 8.


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“When TV violence frightens your child, grab this book and read!”
—Bill Wineke, Wisconsin State Journal

“One of the most innovative books for children we’ve seen in a long time… This is a classic.”
—Center for Media Literacy

“Intelligent, reassuring, and practical, this book will be of great help to parents”
—Common Sense Media

“It’s an empowering book that teaches young children what they can do to calm their anxieties.”
—Debra Carr-Elsing, Capital Times

“Charmingly, entertainingly, and effectively assists parents”
—Midwest Book Review

“A must-have for any family with children under the age of eight”

More Praise for Teddy’s TV Troubles

“I think parents will love it and it definitely fills a need in the lives of children today! Bravo for a job well done! ”
—Rosemarie T. Truglio, Ph.D. V.P. of Education and Research for Sesame Street

“Teddy’s TV Troubles is written in a warm, thoughtful and engaging style by one of the leading researchers on the effects of television on children’s mental health and development. Based in decades of solid science, this book breaks out of academic inquiry and enters the lives of those affected most powerfully—our children.”
—Michael Rich, MD, MPH, Director, Center on Media and Child Health, Children’s Hospital Boston/Harvard Medical School

“This is an important topic which is of increasing relevance in today’s world. The book suggests many excellent strategies for addressing children’s fears. It will be useful in my practice and I recommend it highly as a resource for parents.”
—Amy M. Abramovitz, MSW, LICSW, social worker, Newton Public Schools, Newton, MA


“Wow! This book is incredible. My daughter asked me all kinds of questions all the way through it and all sorts of things came up. She told me she is scared of monsters like Teddy and that she saw them on TV. After reading the book for a week, she told me she wants to be a big girl and sleep alone like Teddy. She asked me for a stuffed animal (like Teddy has!) and she has been falling asleep completely ALONE (with the stuffed animal), door closed, for two nights!!!!!!!! (Usually takes me an hour rubbing her back)!!! I might have to thank you for saving my marriage of this continues!!! Thank you sooo much for writing it. Now I need to share it with others! I especially like the tips at the end, what a GREAT idea.”
—A reader on Amazon.com

The text is reassuring and written in a calming manner that would be perfect for parents to read to their children anytime they may be frightened. It also gives ideas throughout the story about different activities the child can do when they are scared such as drawing pictures, building castles and most importantly offering reassurances that parents will always do their very best to protect them from frightening things.
—Simply Stacie


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