Facebook vs. Face Time:
Relationships and Mental Health in the Internet Age

Facebook vs Face TimeOur new communication devices can keep us apart as often as they bring us together. Learn about the latest trends in social networking and how our brains react to different modes of communication. Come away with strategies for deciding how and when to rely on face-to-face vs. electronic connectedness to achieve better mental health and more satisfying interpersonal relationships.

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Comments from University of Wisconsin Nursing School Conference on “Personal and Professional Strategies for Optimum Mental Health”

“We could have listened to you all afternoon.”

“Well done presentation with good visuals.  Very important topic to discuss related to mental health.  The Internet, Facebook and Twitter have helped patients to increase socialization and self-esteem.”

“Good topic that impacts practice, needs further exploration.”

“So relevant, very enjoyable presentation.”

[Participant Evaluations: 100% agreement that session objectives were met;
average rating of 4.73 on a 5-point scale, where 5=excellent, on
“content of presentation fit my learning needs” and “presentation style was effective”]