Monthly Archives: June 2011

Who is Cheryl K. Olson?

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision overturning the California law that would have made it harder for minors to buy extremely violent video games, people have been asking me about the author of the New York Times op-ed piece that appeared on Monday.  Ms. Olson and her husband Lawrence Kutner have been pooh-poohing…


Socially Networked Moviegoers–Is This is the Death of Focus?

There’s an interesting AP article today about the problem of people texting during movies and distracting other viewers.  What does this say about our ability to focus on one thing at a time, even when we’ve paid to sit in a dark room and be entertained?  For some people, making comments seems to be part…


The One Time I Agreed with Newt Gingrich–Somewhat

“To have a major breakthrough in policy, you have to be able to stop and think.”  In today’s The New York Times, Newt Gingrich was quoted as saying this to justify taking a two-week cruise to Greece with his wife shortly after announcing his run for the presidency.
He’s correct about the necessity to stop and think…