The Creative Wisdom of Louis C. K.

I found this in the current issue of Rolling Stonein an interview with comedian Louis C. K.

“When you sit down to write “Louie,” what are your work habits?

Louis (slightly edited for family content): When it’s time to write, I have one computer that has no ability to get on the Internet. Because the ability to just move your finger less than a millimeter and be looking [at porn] or at the new Porsche, or a whole movie – To Kill a Mockingbird, let’s just sit here and watch the whole thing! – it’s too much. So if you put a couple of moves between you and that, you’ve got a fighting chance.”

SO WISE! Find ways of making it easier for you to focus on important work by making your distractions just a bit less convenient.

Other Suggestions for Reducing Internet Distractions While You’re Trying to Be Creative:

1) Go places where the Internet is not available.
2) Hide your smart phone or put it in another room.
3) Turn off your alerts
4) Put a note on your office door saying you’ll be back later and giving an approximate time (even if you’re hiding in your office.
5) Check-in with people who are likely to have a true emergency and make sure they know how to find you in said emergency.

The allure of the Internet is powerful and ever-present. Try to find ways to lessen its force when you need to.

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