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Save Four Hours of Your Workday by Managing Your Interruptions

Do you hear anyone complaining that they have too much time on their hands? Of course not. Everyone seems to have too much to do and not enough hours in the day to accomplish it — much less have time to relax.
The Incredible Cost of Interruptions
But recent research points to a solution: Stop letting yourself…


Get a Grip on Email Overload

Is it just me, or is the monsoon of email rising like the earth’s oceans, ready to swamp you entirely if you don’t keep up every day? Give one political contribution and suddenly, every pol is your friend; join a professional organization and every related provider wants your business; and are there more and more…


Mastering Your Multitasking

It’s been amply demonstrated that the brain can’t multitask its attention. Because working memory is so small, we can’t process two streams of thought at the same time. Our brains switch back and forth between the two tasks and when we do this, we lose time, energy, accuracy, and quality. As I referred to it…