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My Recent Media Appearances re Slenderman Stabbings (Updated)

I’ve been getting quite a few media calls about the two Waukesha (WI) girls who attempted to kill their friend, believing they were trying to impress the internet-urban-legend character Slenderman.  Here are some links to interviews:
Tuesday, June 3rd:
WISC-TV (Madison, WI)
WKOW-TV (Madison, WI)
Wednesday, June 4th:
WITI-TV (Milwaukee)
Monday, June 9th:
Wisconsin Public Radio (The Joy Cardin Show)
This is a big…


More Testimonials to Sleep’s Impact on Creativity

In his recent Writer’s Almanac, Garrison Keillor talks about the poet Li-Young Lee‘s contention that his brain hunts up ideas while he sleeps:
“Lee says his writing process isn’t very disciplined, even though he feels he’s on duty 24 hours a day: ‘When I wake up, there’s something in me even beyond my wakeful mind that’s been…


More Evidence on the Value of Sleeping

A new study has just been described in Psych Central Newsletter that shows that sleeping — even a nap — refreshes your brain and makes it easier to learn new information. It also suggests that if you’re getting six hours a night or less, you’re missing out on a good deal of this refreshment.