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Is a Real Vacation Even Possible Anymore?

Now that we have these wonderful gadgets that allow us to stay connected at all times, most of us never seem to be able to truly get away.  No matter how far we go, we can usually be reached on our cell phones, and with our Smartphones we’re tempted to log in to see what’s…


Smartphones and Heart Attacks

Yesterday I  overheard a woman talking about her husband’s recent heart attack:
He came back from running feeling absolutely horrible, with tightness in his chest, but he thought it was just because of the cold air.  She said to him, “it may be a heart attack. Let’s go to the emergency room.” He absolutely refused, saying,…


Listen to Me on WPR’s Larry Meiller Show

I talked about about conquering CyberOverload
on Wisconsin Public Radio (Wisconsin Ideas Network)
Listen to the show, in which I especially focus on helping businesses conquer cyberoverload.
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