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My Recent Media Appearances re Slenderman Stabbings (Updated)

I’ve been getting quite a few media calls about the two Waukesha (WI) girls who attempted to kill their friend, believing they were trying to impress the internet-urban-legend character Slenderman.  Here are some links to interviews:
Tuesday, June 3rd:
WISC-TV (Madison, WI)
WKOW-TV (Madison, WI)
Wednesday, June 4th:
WITI-TV (Milwaukee)
Monday, June 9th:
Wisconsin Public Radio (The Joy Cardin Show)
This is a big…


The Boston Bombings: 5 Things Parents Should Know

Since I’ve been getting repeated calls from the media asking for expert advice to help parents comfort their kids, here’s my advice in a nutshell:
Advice for parents to help their kids cope with the Boston bombings
1) Turn off the TV!!!
News stories like this are especially frightening to children. They raise issues of their own personal…