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Mastering Your Multitasking

It’s been amply demonstrated that the brain can’t multitask its attention. Because working memory is so small, we can’t process two streams of thought at the same time. Our brains switch back and forth between the two tasks and when we do this, we lose time, energy, accuracy, and quality. As I referred to it…


Why the i-book may not replace the textbook — yet

I was just watching CNBC, which was covering Apple’s new iBooks2 software, something that allows highly interactive textbooks to be available on the iPad. It’s lauded as a money-saver (the textbooks will be $15.00 or less) and as a way to engage students by making textbooks much more interactive (in addition to making backpacks a…


Should Schools Shun Computers?

An article on the front page of today’s New York Times talks about a school in Silicon Valley that prides itself on keeping computers OUT of the classroom. This practice is based on the belief that at a young age, hands-on experience—for example, learning fractions by cutting up and then eating a cake—is much more compelling…