How to Live to a Ripe Old Age

On Sunday, my husband and I went to his uncle’s 95th birthday party. It was amazing how young and healthy Uncle Bill looked, and how totally with-it he was. I found out that he keeps himself very busy: With the help of an 87-year-old buddy, he designs, plants, and cares for the flower gardens at the apartment house where he lives. He bowls on Mondays. He drives his friends to the grocery store when they need to go, and he drives four women to church every Sunday.  He even volunteers at the nursing home on Wednesdays!  I asked him what his secret to healthy aging was, and he said, ” I keep myself busy and I eat a lot of fruit.” When we visited his apartment and saw his desk, my husband asked him where his computer was. “Oh, I got rid of it last year,” he said. “I got too many emails and I just couldn’t keep up.” By the way, so many people wanted to come to his birthday party, that they had to divide the celebration into to shifts to accommodate everyone. Seems like he’s got things pretty well figured out!


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